Tony Perkins Has The Target Boycott Sadz After Web Hosting Company Shuts Down Hate Group’s Site – Joe.My.God.

Breitbart Launches Kellogg’s Boycott After Company Suspends Advertising On The White Supremacist Site

RT @bradheath: Gen. Petraeus, one of the people on Trump’s list for Secretary of State, has to check with his probation officer be…

RT @bradheath: If Gen. Petreaus becomes Secretary of State, his computers and office will be subject to warrantless searches by hi…

Petraeus Would Need Probation Officer’s Permission to Travel As Sec. of State

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Trump’s Possible Homeland Security Pick Called Orlando Massacre a ‘Distraction’, Transgender People ‘Freakish’

The company you keep: Jury finds Brandon Hall, Trump campaign worker, guilty of election fraud

This article clearly shows the result of marginalized civic education over the last 20 years. Scary. #civics