RT @JoyAnnReid: The goal: create media obedience by starving the non-right wing press of access. The cure? Ignore access. Pursue in… https://t.co/WumFScL4OV

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RT @nytopinion: So far, the only working people President Trump has really delivered for are members of his own family https://t.co/1P16d44nP5

RT @RonaldKlain: Looking at the punditry, it appears that in addition to getting a handicap when he golfs, Trump now gets one when he is being President

RT @JDiamond1: It will now be signed later this week. “We want the EO to have its own ‘moment,'” the senior administration officia… https://t.co/1ICcQd5J1A

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RT @jfreewright: Hearing reactions to Trump tonight from conservatives and some in the media, it seems the bar for this Presidency* has been set in a ditch.

RT @HunterDK: Punditry: “Well, he proposed several blatantly white nationalist policies, but he mostly read words good and that’s all we care about.”