RT @RaptureVelocity: spicer screams at one reporter for trying to get a timeline correct. then yells at another reporter because the timeline wasn’t correct.

RT @maxasteele: [Spicer makes a long string of accusations] Acosta: “Do you have evidence of that?” Spicer: “I don’t.”

RT @BraddJaffy: Spicer was just asked about tax returns. Worth noting Trump 1st used the audit excuse on 2/26/2016. Tomorrow = 400 days. That’s…a long audit

RT @ddale8: A pretty astonishing sentence in the water shutoff threats Flint is sending to residents who haven’t fully paid up… https://t.co/QoF9Qyewh5

RT @smc752: Why doesn’t the press call out Spicer on his lies??? Come on already.

RT @JoyAnnReid: Oh my god, @PressSec is now pushing the discredited Clinton uranium conspiracy theory from the White House podium.

RT @BraddJaffy: “This weekend, the president will be here in the White House holding meetings,” Spicer says. (saving this tweet)

RT @urbanbohemian: These websites need to chill on the modal pop ups. I just wanted a recipe, not to subscribe to your fucking newsletter.