The National Enquirer Just Bought Us Weekly — Here’s Why That Matters.

Man forced to surrender his ‘offensive’ Star Trek license plate – SFGate

EPA website removes climate science site from public view after two decades – The Washington Post

REPORT: Argentina Drops Humanitarian Award For Jimmy Carter Upon Demand Of Trump Administration – Joe.My.God.

Reince Priebus: We’ve Looked At Changing Libel Laws So Trump Can Sue Over News Items He Doesn’t Like – Joe.My.God.

RT @gilbertjasono: It is so disgusting that crybaby Leftists have forced out a qualified official just because of his [reads article]…

RT @TopherSpiro: This is nuts – why would Democrats help the GOP when they want to ram through a partisan repeal without a CBO score?

RT @TopherSpiro: 🚨 This is a red alert: PENCE is calling moderates and telling them they have the votes. Only a TIDAL WAVE of calls tomorrow can stop them. 🚨

RT @BetteMidler: #Ivanka keeps doing business out of the WH. She should peddle a skincare line. Her dad’s presidency is aging the shit out of us all.