RT @SethAbramson: It’s so surreal. I’m watching CNN “break” as “news” research that I did a *fifty-tweet mega-thread about* in March. https://t.co/pzVXp7f8RP

RT @SarahKSilverman: Spoken like a true rich kid who has literally never paid his fair share. Go murder an elephant, Junior. https://t.co/r76KtzKTL5

RT @PaulaChertok: Wow Michael Reagan reveals what GOP really thinks. He says “ok they colluded. So what? Collusion with Russia broke… https://t.co/pJAMxd2PYs

RT @JosephAzam: Interesting that both the Eiffel Tower and the President of the United States have gone dark in response to the att… https://t.co/hUkzjM4SvF

RT @bryanbehar: US has always had this populist/ nativist/racist element under the surface. But never before in the White House. Le… https://t.co/3ZCue64PUE

RT @Lemieux1150Jane: @KaivanShroff @DeniseMMurray Not to mention, all the naked pics of his mom that are just everywhere. The head is fa… https://t.co/1boF4ET5UU

RT @KaivanShroff: Since Trump brought it up, did Barron Trump see: 1. His father brag about sexual assault? 2. His father get endorsed by the KKK?

RT @Hawillisdc: BREAKING: Comedian held to higher standard than the literal President of the United States https://t.co/BPznGUksgk

RT @TrueFactsStated: Trump giving back Russian spy compounds…even for Trump…this should make Americans of every political stripe livid. He. Is. A. Traitor.