RT @SenWarren: The CBO confirmed: Trumpcare is a $663 BILLION tax cut for the rich paid for by kicking 23 MILLION people off of in… https://t.co/VfTWinBOaA

RT @KyungLahCNN: MT GOP voter, upon learning we’re from @CNN: “You’re lucky someone doesn’t pop one of you.”

RT @RedmondMichael: BINGO! CNN just reported that Trump adviser Gary Cohn says the president is considering lifting the sanctions on Russia. There it is, folks.

RT @pbump: Sheriff Clarke had deputies meet him at the airport to interview someone who was “disrespectful” to him on a plane. https://t.co/rUDKMoAnDr

RT @DLin71: 2018 GOP: I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die 2020 GOP: This is the Emergency Broadcast System announcing c… https://t.co/k5ERj5znPp

RT @DavidCornDC: A party that celebrates the election of a self-proclaimed sexual assaulter would certainly celebrate the election of a lying & violent thug.