RT @billmaher: 32% of Trump fans say: WAS NO meeting w/ Don Jr & Russians, even tho the source is Don Jr! Guys, the call is coming from inside the bubble!

RT @tedlieu: Dear @POTUS: Health insurance isn’t $1 a month. Also, average 1/2 gallon milk price is $2.16, not 21 cents. And thi… https://t.co/pkoxKGlirD

RT @brianschatz: It occurs to me that none of this is Barack Obama’s fault.

RT @21royalstreet: God owns the rainbow. He didn’t like his old job so he got a new job, worked hard, saved up and bought it INSTEAD O… https://t.co/9mT7yoDLik

RT @lvnamoth: RT if this is the first time you’ve seen the officers religion in the headline after a police shooting https://t.co/Ju32GN8IFQ

RT @ddale8: My conclusion after six months fact-checking every word out of Trump’s mouth: there’s no strategy, he’s just a liar. https://t.co/is6QEpd1fA

RT @astridoverthere: I have seen at least 20 people say the first reporter to do this would be lauded. Her name is Ksenija Pavlovic. Giv… https://t.co/99g7A2BAyR

RT @RonaldKlain: That the smartest man in Silicon Valley thinks this is how our gov’t works says a lot about how Silicon Valley thin… https://t.co/ic8NtzwlEB