RT @BillKristol: The problem isn’t chaos in the White House. The problem is contempt for the rules, procedures & norms of lawful and responsible governance.

RT @Amy_Siskind: 1+ day later Trump has yet to comment on Russia cutting US diplm staff by 755, nor has he signed the Russian sanction bill. Busy I guess.

RT @Spacekatgal: Dem leaders: “Hey, we decide to cave on women’s rights. Do you like us now?” Republicans: “No.” Democrats: “No.” Independents: “No.”

RT @eugenegu: He got hired, divorced, had a baby, and fired in 10 days. Like a fruit fly. #Scaramucci

RT @ScottHech: Disgusting a Federal Judge even had to consider constitutionality of this horror show. https://t.co/VvfwK1TzrY

RT @Spacekatgal: Liberal men that think women should compromise on abortion: Can you name a civil right of yours you’d be willing to put on bargaining table?

RT @JohnFugelsang: The Mooch as a 3-episode mini-arc is the kind of stunt-casting sharkjump a series usually does in its desperate 7th season, during sweeps