RT @RobertMaguire_: A lady in tears tells Mattress Mack she spent her 84th bday in his store. She lost everything. His response is ❤️❤️https://t.co/BefwU8YOVS

RT @MissouriGOP: 1/3 Great job in Springfield, @POTUS! You are right—it’s time to give the American worker a pay raise!

RT @MrJamesonNeat: Remember when Trump personally pledged $1 million to veteran groups then lied for four months saying he donated but… https://t.co/QzoMOY8x7V

RT @NathanLerner: Reasons to keep DACA: – We live in America – It’s 2017 End of list. Tell the White House here: https://t.co/OGBOgYEeH0.

RT @dorothysnarker: The subtle differences in this series of Jesus fish stickers almost makes me think it’s a stealth endorsement of, w… https://t.co/faPWJknuAR

RT @FrankLuntz: George Soros was 3 years old when the Nazis came to power in 1933, and 9 years old when the Nazis started WW2 in 19… https://t.co/15Lzm1YLU3

RT @LOLGOP: I always like to remind myself that Fox News was so sure Clinton would win that they didn’t even hire any writers f… https://t.co/uo1GX68mxk

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