RT @TeaPainUSA: Trump says Puerto Ricans “want everything to be done for them.” This is how every racist you ever met describes minorities. #TrumpMustGo

RT @NancyPelosi: When a hurricane hits, there are no Democrats or Republicans–only Americans, families struggling to survive. Shameful @POTUS can’t see that

RT @kurteichenwald: Dengue fever, Zika and conjunctivitis spreading in Puerto Rico. But plz, republicans, keep telling everyone it’s their fault & they’re lazy.

RT @ddale8: It’s still weird going to bed and knowing there’s an 85% chance you’ll wake up to the president having said something ridiculous.

RT @carlreiner: Inspired by all who took knees before me, I’ll attempt to & hopefully succeed in taking a knee for equality & justi… https://t.co/4k6rK0GKHa

RT @PatrickSvitek: – @TedCruz: “I believe we we will get tax reform done.” – Audience member: “In my lifetime?” – @TedCruz: “How old are you?”

RT @TrueFactsStated: Millions of Trump cultists are learning that Puerto Ricans are American citizens. Judging by the comments-they are none too pleased. #racism