RT @terrycrews: What’s ridiculous is people think that just because something bad happened 20, 30 , even 40 years ago— it should be forgotten and never brought up. Nazi war criminals think this way. They expect grace but were merciless to their victims. LIFE has no statute of limitations.

RT @neilgrayston: #LastJedi was great and all, but was anyone else weirded out when Jar Jar appeared halfway through and gave a 20 minute monologue about the volatility of unregulated cryptocurrency trading? Just seemed preachy…

RT @dick_nixon: “I can’t keep silent. Florida faces tough challenges — and RubioSeal™ Paving Stones will keep your yard safe.” https://t.co/wgTwlbfir2

RT @shannonrwatts: Yesterday was the 5 year mark of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook School, which went unacknowledged by the President. On the same day, he hosted a White House Christmas party to which he invited @NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre. Here he is at the party with @DanPatrick. https://t.co/mUbKCIWGxB

RT @DrewTumaABC7: Air Quality Unhealthy right now over San Francisco. Lack of wind is causing smoke to settle near the surface from Southern California wildfires. https://t.co/I7G9D3gB7w

RT @LOLGOP: Give a man a few million fish and he’ll think everyone who has to fish for a living is lazy. Teach him how to fish and he’ll call you a socialist. https://t.co/SejtewB8s5