FBI Affidavit Details Ex-Sheriff David Clarke’s Intimidation Of Fellow Passenger – I love that he’s currently displaying the same behavior in his attempt to deny the behavior. https://t.co/wR2x0aBOww

RT @quantick: Who typed this? Your dog? Have you been on the sherry? It’s not like you haven’t had nine months to plot this shithearted second rate Mike Yarwood gag you waste of a fucking surname. https://t.co/zmmIYRb04E

RT @RepDonBeyer: The Deepwater Horizon disaster killed 11 workers and led to one of the worst environmental disasters in US history. Obama’s team created new safety rules. Trump put a man who lobbied against those rules in charge of Safety and Enforcement at DOI. He’s gutting the safety rules. https://t.co/F76biuZasD

Like so many Trump supporters, her tweets start out understandable but quickly turn batshit crazy. https://t.co/rAKtm0lHh5

Roseanne Deletes Tweets Threatening to ‘Retire Right Now’ After Online Beef With Liberals https://t.co/DOao3gULuW

RT @JasonAuslander: Neighbors across from the home near Aspen where Vice President Mike Pence is staying hung this banner yesterday. The neighbors later offered Secret Service agents hot chili and corn muffins to ward off the chill, according to a source. https://t.co/10jcHovqEa