RT @BrendanNyhan: Don’t clap enough for the President, get accused of rooting against America on de facto state media https://t.co/OAfaGs6R9a

RT @NaveedAJamali: What did I say this morning? I have yet to meet an FBI agent past or present who was not critical of the Clintons. It is definitely not a pro-Clinton shop. https://t.co/nwxW2fZSaF

RT @ProudResister: PERSPECTIVE: Donald Trump and the GOP are breaking the law WHILE hiding behind the power structures, which create, write and enforce the law. The founders did not anticipate two branches of Government being corrupt at the same time.

RT @DavidMDrucker: Inbox from White House: “ICYMI | Trump Breaks Nearly All Applause Records on State of the Union Addresses”

RT @natematias: When the spouses of U.S. citizens try to start the process of getting a green card, ICE is arresting them IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MEETING before they have a chance to follow the law. https://t.co/Zj1oUBLPNn

RT @LOLGOP: Just two Republican Senators — ANY REPUBLICAN SENATORS — can come out and say that if Trump fires another FBI Director to obstruct this investigation, he will not get another Director or anyone else confirmed. https://t.co/WjpO9rQOAb

RT @kharyp: Victims of the Las Vegas Shooting, who didn’t get mention during the #SOTU b/c they weren’t killed by a person of color: Hannah Ahlers, 35 Heather Alvarado, 35 Dorene Anderson, 49 Carrie Barnette, 34 Jack Beaton, 54 Steve Berger, 44 Candace Bowers, 40 Denise Burditus, 50 https://t.co/K6NgRV6GTc

RT @MrDane1982: Hillary Clinton so damn powerful shes the 1st Presidential Nominee to lose an election and still be attacked like shes running for political office. This is beyond Clinton syndrome. Its now crossed the line of putting women in their place, or into a place you think is right.