RT @CREWcrew: A Florida golf club owned by U.S. President Donald Trump agreed on Friday to pay $5.45 million to settle claims by former members that it wrongfully refused to refund their deposits when they wanted to resign. https://t.co/P2Yx4qsjOK

RT @kathygriffin: These smart, brave kids are not messing around. Excellent plan re their idea to boycott Florida as a vacation destination until the state takes legislative action to protect its own students against mass shootings. https://t.co/UbVBN5Wpy3

RT @adegrandpre: New tonight: And some US officials are worried Russia may carry out a cyber attack with hopes of disrupting the #Olympics Closing Ceremonies tomorrow. “We’re watching it pretty closely.” The Post’s @nakashimae with this unsetting development https://t.co/IvK7H3zdAn

RT @SeanMcElwee: These motherfuckers believe corporations have the right to deny gay people service but turn into blubbering snowflakes when companies charge NRA members the same price as everyone else. https://t.co/4AY6Mt1F1q

RT @NickMiroff: EXCLUSIVE The president of Mexico isn’t coming to Washington without assurances he won’t be publicly humiliated by Trump— so he’s not coming. A tense, angry phone call, and a relationship increasingly poisoned by a slogan. With @PhilipRucker @partlowj https://t.co/1aZVX8Qglw

RT @pkcapitol: One expert marveled at old PA map: “That map was engineered to produce 13 R and 5 D seats no matter the Democratic vote share, and it produced the same result three consecutive times.” https://t.co/HyrYIombZz

RT @brianklaas: The president’s chief adviser, a general, has allowed the president’s unqualified daughter (who lacks permanent security clearance) to brief a key ally on diplomatic decisions involving the risk of nuclear war. This snapshot belongs in an authoritarian banana republic. https://t.co/4MqT23aIfu