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Cacophony -- Hear Here
The 50,000 Watt Music Machine

105.1 WAVA

Ain't They Creeps?

Al Goodman!

All New All Hit 105

All-Star DJ Weekend

Be Sweet!

Billy the Man Slave!

British Beatle Weekend

Broadcasting to 34 counties

Captain Fogle

Charlie and Harrigan!

Charlie Stuangstabalac!

Commercial Free

Commercial Free Music

Commerical Free Music (bed)

Commercial Free (montage)

Continuous All Hit 105.1

Don Geronimo!

Don & Mike on WAVA

Don & Mike Power Hour

Don & Mike: The Morning Zoo

Don & Mike!

Earth Quaking!

Elvis Presley Weekend

Flash Phillips!

Frank Murphy!

George Michael!

Going Downhill Fast

Good Morning, DC!

Good Morning from Don & Mike

Having Fun in Washington

Hottest Hits on the Planet

If You Don't Succeed

Jackson Tickets

Jim Elliot!

J.J. McKay

J.J. Russ

John Anthony

Ken Parsons

Liz Ryan

Loo Katz

The Lunchtime Blastoff

Mark Mitchell

More of the Best Variety

More Fun, More Music

The Morning Zoo

The Morning Zoo with Don & Mike

Music Power sting

Music Power!

Music that Warms Our Hearts

News on WAVA

News Theme

Not the Same Old Music

Ponderous Commercial Free Music

Power 105 short vocoder

Power 105 short

Power 105

Power Up with the Zoo Crew

Power Up (bed)

Power! (acapella)


Praise the Brides

Pressed into Paperweights

Sandy Weaver!

Serving the White House

Shadow Smith

Superstar Weekend

The Capital Zoo

The Morning Zoo!

The Morning Zoo

The Morning Zooooo

The Truth

And the final jingle heard before the transmitter shut down:
The Future Has Come to This

The next day:
The New WAVA

The end of the 80s meant the decline of "Power" Top 40 radio, especially in Washington, DC. The radio station of choice for most high schoolers around Washington, DC - including myself - was WAVA, 105.1 FM, a heavily-reverbed source for Taylor Dayne, Prince, Culture Club, UB40...
In the early 90s, WAVA was sold to religious broadcaster Salem. After a tearful farewell, WAVA's transmitter was shut down and reincarnated the next day as a right-wing religious station.
These jingles were culled from various cassette tapes laying around in boxes here and there, a testament to the sound of the 80s.

This site is an archive of sound. Snippets and samples of sounds collected over the years for no apparently good reason.
It goes without saying that some - or most - of the sounds here are from sources that were originally copyrighted, so they are presented here only for personal use, as a historic record of popular culture in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s.

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©2004 Gene Cowan