wants pie.

Someone in my neighborhood is grilling steaks, which makes me JEALOUS HUNGRY.

Ich will mein Deutsch Auto sofort zurück.

The Link Retirement Home

I’ve had these sites bookmarked for the better part of a decade now, and I figure it’s time to set them free. But I can’t bear to just delete them, so here they’ll live out the rest of their useful lives.

Last quake-related tweet: the shaker seems to have fixed my stuck front door. Anti-damage!

After driving a rental Chevy Cavalier since Friday, I’m rethinking my desire to buy a Chevy Volt. GM builds the crappiest POS cars EVAR.

My wine cooler is full and the bottles are piling up elsewhere in the kitchen. I think it’s time for a spring wine party on the patio!

More quake stuff: today’s quake occurred on a previously unknown (hence unstudied) fault, east of the Calaveras. Well, now we know, eh?

is researching removing my front lawn and replacing it with drought-tolerant landscaping. But the lawn is so… appropriate.

I know the quake meme is over, but this is interesting: seismograms show it lasted almost 2 min here in SSJ. Was it really that long?!

is now in a post-temblor malaise with aftershocks not worth tweeting about. Sigh.

So, my first reaction after the office began to roll back and forth? I signed on to Twitter and had tweeted before it even stopped shaking.