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Music to Sanitize By

Snippets in the key of pandemic. These little bits of ephemera and miscellany are between 20 and 40 seconds long and are perfect for getting in your hand washing time. Who wants to bet that the next Apple Watch reminds  [more...]

They put loops into “it’s a small world”

[mejsaudio src=”;] Love it or hate it, you have to admit that “it’s a small world!” is a masterpiece of composition and audio engineering. Want proof? I’ve taken 26 different audio loops from the attraction  [more...]

All Themes Considered

Hey, kids! Are you an NPR junkie like me? Ever wish you could pretend you were the host of a prestigious NPR news show? Here’s your chance! Morning Edition Top of the Hour Theme: [mejsaudio src=”;] Morning  [more...]

A West Wing Christmastime

[mejsaudio src=”;] The President, First Lady, and Chief of Staff (Martin Sheen, Stockard Channing, John Spencer) from NBC’s “The West Wing” do a little bit of damage to their credibility on this  [more...]