Why does “Twitter your Flickr” sound so dirty?

Spam received: “The fat just falls off!” Life imitating Dr Who?

The problem with wearing contact lenses? Now everyone can see the huge bags under my eyes.

The north-pole loving boss is back. The temp in the office is about 30° less than outside, and I dressed for a 90° day. Where’s my parka?

I’m thinking of setting my Tweets to private ‘cos of the insane amount of spam I get these days. Spam is always the downfall of cool stuff.

is seriously contemplating sleeping out in the backyard tonight. Sadly, I’m a wimp and scared of creepy crawlies and flying bugs.

I was 2 years old when Stonewall happened. Because of that event, my life has been far better than theirs was… but the work isn’t done.

worked 6 hours, made pasta salad, gave the dog a bath, mowed the lawns, and did laundry. can has nap now?

I’m watching “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” and mentally editing it in my head. I could cut an hour out of this epic and improve the pace.

Stages of grief, step three: profit

Billboard Magazine reports that yet another faction of the Michael Jackson hangers-on is advocating for a burial at Neverland, Jackson’s Disneyland-knockoff ranch. The thought is that it could become another Graceland, a shrine.
Michael Jackson was a talented young man who was exploited shamelessly by an industry and a family who sought fame and fortune. The sad truth is that the man became a freak show. Spurred on by the lack of a normal childhood he retreated into a bizarre parody of childhood, acting as any 12 year old would with unlimited funds to spend. And as long as he brought in the cash, he was manipulated by those around him.
Now that he is dead, these same people are contemplating the opportunity his death provided – to exploit him in perpetuity without the messiness of the actual man and what further oddities he might have presented.
I truly believe that the people around Michael Jackson exploited him, squeezed him dry, and ruined his life. Now they want to ruin his death.
Just for once, leave him in peace.

Bwah?! Now Billy Mays? What in the hell is going on? Now I’m sort of scared.