Is it somehow pathetic that my weekend plans include not leaving the house until Monday morning?

I successfully avoided the donuts and bagels today. My secret? Chips and salsa instead. 😉

Hmm… overlooked tidbit in the Futurama story: “An upcoming feature film?!”

Yay! Futurama cast signed for 26 eps! I knew all along… they simply COULDN’T do it with a different cast of voices.

Oh, and that SMS exploit? Apple just released a fix. When will Windows Mobile and other phone OSes fix it? Hmm? What’s taking so long?

So, this SMS vulnerability affects all GSM phones, but everyone is saying “iPhone vulnerability!” Guess they know what gets eyeballs.

23% of southern Republicans say Obama is not a citizen, another 30% aren’t sure. Perhaps they think he’s 5/8th of a citizen.

I just checked my iPhone VM manually… there were 6 unheard messages dating back a month. WTF? And the incoming calls weren’t even logged.

Wow… I have personally met THREE of the new Medal of Freedom nominees. Not bad for an ordinary, everyday guy.

Steve Jobs: asshole in private. Steve Ballmer: asshole in public. ‘Nuff said.

is a little more than halfway finished mastering the DC Shorts 2009 films! Woo hoo!