Walked a mile to and from the grocery store for cereal & bread. Hey, at least it’s better than driving to McDonald’s, right? Baby steps.

What is the deal with my hair today?

Why do I continue to use FedEx? Why?

deleted a card from my address book for a friend who passed away. Amazingly difficult, but I won’t be calling & writing her anymore. Sigh.

I don’t understand: Bush acted like he had a mandate tho he didn’t; Obama acts like he doesn’t but he did.

That nap at 4:30 seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I’m sleepy and groggy.

Tequila delivery. What a great idea!

Map of La Cañada fires, north of the 210: bit.ly/dIbXI … wow. Just wow.

Sunday morning. Do I take my new Nikes out for a spin before it gets hot… or do I have pancakes?

must reluctantly report that the Facebook 3.0 iphone app is a UI nightmare. A complete mess. Insanity in 480 pixels.

Why am I hearing fireworks?

Damn, it’s HOT.