Two huge earthquakes with tsunami since yesterday, and not a mention on the Mercury News website. Way to be timely and topical there, Merc.

Looks like I own & administrate 35 different domains on my little server. Who knew? I didn’t. In fact, there may be more I’ve forgotten…

Headline sez “Obama’s Olympic pitch draws GOP complaints”. They could have saved space by removing ‘Olympic pitch’ and running it everyday.

has a big test tomorrow. Cholesterol test. Which means that I can’t eat after a certain time this evening. And I guess no donuts, either.

Say goodbye to your dreams of health care that’s not a profit-driven big business.

Hey, how ‘ya liking that iPhone MMS you were clamoring for so long? Using it at all? Didn’t think so.

According to my motivational calendar, November is about “Caring.”

Things I never knew, part 842: Richard Deacon, the well known actor in 1960s sitcoms, was gay.

I love that broken parking meters in Oakland display “FAIL” on the display.

Just saw a “Simpsons Celebrity Shoutout” and assumed it was a satire… ‘cos I have no earthly idea who ANY of those people were.

You know, I have no trouble with my iPhone battery; but my landline cordless runs out of juice after being off the charger for 15 minutes.

The hip, happenin’ wedding of the season, and Facebook is down the whole time? Srsly?