Oooh… not only is there a new Lowes on Coleman Ave (I could walk if it wasn’t for train tracks) but there’s gonna be an In ‘n Out, too.

Pie #2 is in the exciting, never-the-same-temperature-twice oven. Baking at my house is like gambling.

A haiku:
Forced PTO day/sitting home doing nothing/what a waste of time

did the nutrition info on the pies I’m about to make. Holy CRAP.

I’m gonna make ’em anyway. Health be damned.

Warning: do NOT add up the calories, fat, carbs and cholesterol as you make homemade baked goods. Seriously.

Lesson learned: buying baking ingredients is far more expensive than just buying pre-made pies & breads.

Outside: sunny & 67 degrees. Inside the safeway: about 40.

oh no! Carl Cassel is retiring? That might, finally, be the reason I stop listening to NPR. Sigh.

@someToast Amen. When I see “Aol.” I can’t help wondering where the letters “ssh” and “e” are.

I know this “Vanilla Moka Coffee” product isn’t healthy, but dammit, it’s 47° here in my cubicle.

Dear Studios: I’d pay big $ for box sets of “St Elsewhere” & “Picket Fences” but you won’t release them. And you wonder why people torrent?

While you’re banning plastic bags, how about doing the same for phone books? When they arrive on my doorstep, they go right into recycling.