Woke with a splitting headache. My old man senses tell me some weather is on the way.

When I first saw the WashPost “Guide to Davos” I thought it was a biography about the creator of the Daleks.

“Stephanopoulos learns of genetic link to a Clinton.” Um, who DOESN’T have a genetic link to a Clinton?

Walking through the cubicles sideways is like getting caught in a labyrinth.

Crap. Waking up to a public radio pledge drive just sucks.

You know what niche the iPad fills? Ironically, a laptop is not very comfortable in your lap.

Physically, but not emotionally

Wanna see an example of how bad ageism is in the gay world?

I am older than both the “mature” guys in this ad. (But as I look younger, I assume they’re lying about their age.)

I’m reading a page all about the iPad with the 10″ screen, and there’s an ad saying “Introducing the Nexus One, with a 3.7″ screen.”

What’s another $30 between friends?

I think I get the gist of the AT&T “special deal” with Apple for the iPad: Apple uses a microSIM card in the pad, which means that people who are already paying a minimum of $70 a month for iPhone service — like me — can’t just pull out the regular-sized iPhone SIM and put it in their iPad. They have to have a completely different data plan for the new device.

Let the peanut gallery throw stones

Let’s take a look at what blog commenters are saying about Apple’s newly announced iPad in the first hour or so, shall we?

2 great unnoticed iPad things: 1) it connects to the Apple wireless keyboard. 2) It plays all the videos AppleTV plays, including HD.

RT @matthewbaldwin: Steve Jobs is revered more than Moses, and that dude unveiled TWO tablets.