I’m now redesigning a book that I originally designed 16 years ago. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, eh?

I’m making homemade pop tarts. 10 minutes in, I’m covered with flour.

You know what’s funny? My iPad corrects “Blu Ray” to “blurry.”

Skype finally updated to allow calls over 3G… but will charge for skype-to-skype calls? Hmm.

Seriously. It’s the end of May and I’m wearing a sweater.

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Short term memory loss

The first article on the Apple-centric blog talks about suicides at the Chinese company Foxconn, which manufactures Apple gadgets. It says:

Foxconn claims it’s not a sweatshop, but reports say the company is asking employees to work 60 hours of overtime a month (far over the legal limit of 36 hours of overtime), and paying only about $132 a month. Clearly something is wrong at the company that Apple depends on for much of its manufacturing labor.

Then the next article, breathlessly anticipating a new phone, says

the new phones might go on sale during the developer conference itself, which would be quite a way to kick off the summer.

Question answered, I think.

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Denist’s chairs should have massage. Also, a sign that says “You Will Get Wet!”

In 1987, I started recording ST-TNG. 7 years later I had a stack of Beta tapes I’d never watch. Today, I have every Lost. I never learn.

What did I think of the Lost finale? I’m never gonna tell you. ‘Nuff said.

Yikes. If I’m gonna watch Lost I’ll need a long nap and a late start tomorrow. Or should I just watch it tomorrow? Decisions.