NH GOP Congressional Candidate Bob Giuda Compares Gay Marriage to Marrying ‘Men and Sheep’, ‘Women and Dogs’

NH GOP Congressional Candidate Bob Giuda Compares Gay Marriage to Marrying ‘Men and Sheep’, ‘Women and Dogs

“Giuda had just spoken at Rivier College when he was approached by a small group of people challenging his position on gay rights. ‘During that period of time, I was asked a question about gay marriage, which, of course, I oppose, because I believe marriage is strictly between a man and a woman,’ Giuda said. But in making his point on what he believes are the boundaries within the definition of marriage, Giuda reportedly said: ‘What’s going to happen next? Men and sheep? Women and dogs?’ … ‘That comment was made in the context of a discussion about institutionalizing marriage,’ Giuda said…’The point was, it’s not to our good as a nation or society to institutionalize relationships that do not involve a man and a woman for the protection of a family,’ he said. Giuda admitted his comments could be considered offensive to same-sex couples. ‘I see where it could be taken out of context and people could take offense at it,’ he said.”

Asshole. Oh, sorry. I can see where that remark might be taken out of context.

RT @youhas “If you’d been here last night, you’d be at correct terminal. But this morning, you’re not.” BEHOLD, THE SAN JOSE QUANTUM AIRPORT

The a la carte airport

I’ve been reading up on the new San Jose airport, which opened today — things like this fascinate me for some bizarre, geeky reason.

Mmmm… big breakfast spread at work today, like Denny’s of Silicon Valley. Eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausage, the works. I’m suspicious.

Oh, good. Insomnia is back. Yay.

RT @maura32: It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.

After losing a day to a full-blown migraine yesterday, I still need to sleep it off today. Naptime.

The Do Not Call List

You know that government do-not-call list that everyone was so excited about?

Has it actually, really, ever done any good?