Tony Curtis? Oh, no.

NYTimes: The Republican Plan for America

RT @marshmelones: Oh man – this sounds good. Must make. I love egg nog! RT @thefoodgeek egg nog in pie form.

URGENT: The Senate is passing a bill to censor the Internet. And nobody’s spoken out against it yet! Can you help?

Lost a disc in my RAID. Now I feel like O’Brien, trying to find a place to store kiloquads of data from the station’s computer core.

Air conditioning powers – activate!

When will this odious excrescence be eradicated? Rove Returns, With Team, Planning G.O.P. Push

Hmm… I got a little bit of pixie dust on my face. #disneylandhazards

We have pristine, newly surfaced streets in San Jose. Without lines, cos there’s no striping paint available. #planahead