Now comes that odd time, when you’re not quite sure if Trick or Treat time is over or not….

Aw, little kids love glowy bracelets.

Now these kids are just being bussed in from other neighborhoods.

First trick or treater was kind of obnoxious. :(

Candy, glow bracelets, playdoh at the ready. Pumpkins carved, smoke machine filled, sound effects set up. Still, my heart isn’t in it. :(

My office chair just broke. With me sitting in it. It was very elegant and not at all hilarious and slapstick. I swear.

That was the most fun I ever had on Twitter. :)

101 Dalmatians in my pants #moviesinmypants

The Queen in my pants #moviesinmypants

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in my pants #moviesinmypants (Lordy this is fun)

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy in my pants #moviesinmypants

Grease in my pants #moviesinmypants