So, when is Julian Assange gonna release secret documents from a country other than the US? Jerk.

Uh oh… There’s that familiar sore throat feeling… Dammit, what was the point of that flu shot?

Too cold in the office. We turn to space heaters. Now we’ve tripped the circuit breakers. Happy Monday!

It’s about 40° here. IN MY CUBICLE.

White House says: “Obama proposes 2-year pay freeze for civilian fed workers.” I had no idea that cannibalism was rampant in DC.

RIP, Leslie Nielsen.

Signed in to iChat a moment ago. Just to see if it was still in operation. #anothereworlddepopulates

Okay, I’m not venturing out to shop until it is at least 57° out there.

RT @jefftabaco: Aside: did my gay teenage self ever imagine I’d be happily coupled by now and bring my husband to my high school reunion …

Leave Home Without It

So, American Express is urging us all to go out today and shop at local small businesses using our Amex cards.
I have a feeling that small businesses are finding this concept bittersweet, ‘cos Amex merchant fees are ridiculously high.
So high, in fact, that when I shop at a small business, I leave my Amex in my wallet and use my Visa instead.

RT @carrozo: Richard Dawkins reads out his own hate emails in front of a fire. It’s special.