Successfully stayed up to the equivalent of 9pm my time. Can haz zzzz now?

The only way I can stay up til midnight? Fly east so it’s only 9pm.

Didja ever notice that “Free Public WiFi” is usually none of the above?

RT @wilw: I just heard a 5 year-old kid call the waiting area at the gate in the airport “a people parking lot.” How adorable is that?

I never noticed before – the flooring design at San Jose airport is like traces on a huge integrated circuit.

Here comes the rain again.

Double entendre headline of the day: “13 Inches Reported in Central Park.”

So, I’m fooling around in Google Earth this afternoon, taking a virtual visit to Cardiff — when who do I see strolling across the Roald Dahls Plass but Mary Poppins! Seriously. 

Come along, Pond! #itschristmas

So, I’m assuming that propriety would be satisfied if I wait 7 more minutes to start drinking?

“Zestimate decreased by 2.7%.” Well, happy freakin’ holiday to you, too.

Temp hit 60 so mowed, raked, pruned and cut back jasmine threatening my Internet cable. I thought this was my day off, but now I’m sweaty.