Intellectually, I have no real issue with people scavenging in recycle bins out on the street at night. But emotionally, I’m freaked out.

The Great 35 Minute Blackout of 2011 is over. Odd how quietly it ended. All these new energy-saving LED devices don’t click and whirr.

Ya know, a power outage would be a great time for PG&E to leverage their Twitter account. Maybe they have no Internet, either.

Ah, the chirping of the battery backups on a power-free Sunday morning. Idyllic.

Really? It’s only 6? Cos I’m ready for bed. #imanoldman

Hey, shops at Great Mall: Visa, MasterCard & Amex specifically forbid you from requiring identification. Thus, you lost my business today.

RT @markmorford: Obama is NOT a brown-skinned anti-war socialist who gives away free health care. You’re thinking of Jesus. bit.l

Did I miss a memo? Why is the office silent and deserted? Is it a holiday? Or is everyone hiding and planning a surprise?

I want a car ribbon magnet that says “Support Our Chinese Magnet Manufacturers.”

Via @NCSSNetwork: How Pres. Wilson began the modern State of the Union Address tradition in 1913 (Wash Post)

RT @stephenfry: Cuteness overload: baby dolphin meets young penguin –

RT @paulandstorm: [S] LARRY TATE! LARRY TATE! #DalekDarrinStevens