Gallifreyan Math

Maybe I’m just too much of a geek, but I am freaked out by the fact that the 5th Doctor Who’s new granddaughter is the newborn daughter of the 10th Doctor Who, who married his daughter. Meaning, the Doctor’s Daughter. The 10th Doctor’s daughter, but also the 5th Doctor’s daughter. Which is half as many Doctors.

I’m confused.

David Tennant (Dr. 10) married Georgia Moffett, Peter Davison’s (Dr. #5) real life daughter and the actress who played the Doctor’s Daughter, Dr. 10 that is.

Wow, how incestuous IS the BBC?

Well, this could explain the tea baggers and the extremist takeover underway:

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Sometimes I weary of the writing abilities of some of my colleagues, so I’ve created this all-purpose design for them to use on future marketing projects.

RT @someToast: I think about having kids in the same way as baking cookies.

Fun to make, but once out of the oven, no way can I have th …

It’s a fork! It’s a spoon!

Not quite sure what Microsoft is promoting here, but I assume that they are funding startups that are creating new utensils.

There’s this bright light outside, and the sky is a light blue instead of dark gray. I’m a-scared to leave the house. What can it be?

Sorry, take away my green credentials, but, wtf was the point of “Earth Hour” other than a publicity opportunity?

Mrs. Ravensworth, who tried to teach me piano, would be pleased that those practice songs are still going thru my head 35 years later.

So sad to see Geraldine Ferraro gone.

RT @ABC: Ignorance of U.S. Constitution Persists

Perennially late Liz Taylor was 15 minutes late to her own funeral, at her request. My respect for her just skyrocketed. :)