RT @BorowitzReport: BREAKING: Banks Raise Fees on Same People Who Bailed Out Their Asses

RT @LOLGOP: Name one thing Michele Bachmann has in common with Jesus of the Bible, besides the beard.

RT @BorowitzReport: Every week Republicans are excited about a new candidate because the one they liked last week turned out to be a moron.

RT @dorothysnarker: Trying to decipher autocorrect texts is the new trying to read bad handwriting.

Kindle Math

SARAH ROTMAN EPPS, Forrester Research Tech Analyst: You could buy four Kindle Fires for the price of one souped-up iPad.

So, that Apple invite: Tuesday the 4th, 10:00, Infinite Loop… One iPhone. Perhaps a single iPhone that works on any network? #iPhone

RT @GOPunplugged: @LOLGOP We make teleprompter jokes because the notion of a really smart black man is unsettling to us and we’re desper …

Fall weather is my favorite – but not a fan of earlier sunsets. :(

Obama is here? I didn’t even notice. Air Force One is obviously quieter than Larry Ellison’s private jet.

RT @LOLGOP: Who would have thought Rick Perry’s problem would be that he’s not enough like George W. Bush?

RT @LOLGOP: Republicans are hurting the economy in order to defeat the President. So what was their excuse before Obama?

From Salon.com: “Ugly outbursts from GOP debate audiences threaten to make the party’s image problem even worse.” The Republicans have been on a downward spiral for years, but the coagulation of the worst of them into the Tea Party has just made them the party of hate, period. Hate for soldiers who want to serve their country, hate for people who can’t afford health insurance, hate for communal civilization (read, “taxes”), hate for anyone different — gay, black, Muslim — and joy at state-sanctioned murder. What charmers.

The night Republicans booed a soldier