I see that the people in the Microsoft store are, on average, 30 pounds heavier than those in the Apple store.

FACT: Bill O’Reilly spent more time covering non-existent “war on Christmas” than actual wars. t.co/X2cLghL0 (via @mmfa)

Churches close for Christmas? Sounds like the war on Christmas is coming from within, guys. t.co/wjgmMSMd via USA TODAY

December 22, shortest day of the year. Came home to find a hummingbird buzzing around my front yard. Ah, California.

The @cbssf website automatically refreshes after a couple minutes. Which means you’ll never see the end of that embedded video news report.

House Republicans reject any accusation that they are ruining the holidays. “No! We are ruining CHRISTMAS.” (via @LOLGOP)

If we went on vacation leaving as much work unfinished as Congress did our boss would fire our ass. PS: we are the boss. (@BorowitzReport)

Newt Gingrich Tells Gay Iowan To Vote For Obama – t.co/9oL7gusE (via @Keith_Humphrey)

Should we guarantee seniors comprehensive health benefits? GOP says “no.” t.co/dD5A58LG (via @CitizenCohn)

Sometimes, visiting the restroom at work, I feel proud that my diet of processed fat, sugar & salt doesn’t leave behind that kind of odor.

RT @heavenlyfodder: Tomorrow on Fox News: “Obama Fails to Kill Kim Jong Il”