GLAAD Calling for Suspension After Horrific Anti-Gay Remark on Cleveland’s WMMS

GLAAD is calling on Clear Channel and Cleveland radio station WMMS to suspend radio personality Dominic Dieter for telling a father to essentially arrange for his daughter to be raped if he suspects she’s gay.

Tampa strip clubs preparing for bonanza from Republican National Convention

The family-values crowd is coming: “The only thing the adult club owners and me can compare it to is the Super Bowl — except that it’s five times bigger,” said Paul Allen, publisher of the Night Moves adult business trade magazine.

Surprise guest at top Swedish political meeting

This is a fun story – but I note that the NBC headline reads “Sweden Welcomes Government Dinner-Crasher”, which is a totally misleading sensationalism of the story. Evidently even a funny human interest story has to be made more salacious and shocking.

Walmart Adds “Pay With Cash” For Online Shoppers At

For the “unbanked” and “unintelligent” Wal-Mart shopper: Purchase online. Go to store and give them cash. Go home and wait for delivery a few days later. I leave it to the reader to detect the logical hilarity in this system.

Nugent says he’s insulted by concert cancellation

LOL! He’s insulted? Poor guy. Well, it could be worse – he could be dead or in jail.