Mercury News editorial: Re-elect President Obama – San Jose Mercury News

Obama has faced a level of personal animus unseen toward a president in living memory. It has come mainly from the right, but liberals have been little help. The fact is, Obama’s actions and positions paint him as — gasp — a classic moderate. This once was a good thing in a president. It should be again.

Romney impedes hurricane response, phones GOP governors in VA, NJ

Romney is seemingly unconcerned about Dem-led states in the storm’s path, neglecting to call any Democratic governors bracing for the storm in states such as Maryland (Gov. O’Malley), Massachusetts (Gov. Patrick), New York (Gov. Cuomo), and North Carolina (Gov. Perdue).

Bill Clinton: Romney Is Running To Steal Credit For Obama’s Recovery

A slew of economic experts and researchers have already said that we are likely to have added 12 million jobs in the next 4 years, no matter who is elected. Funny how Romney is using that exact number in his stump speeches – he knows if he is elected, he won’t have to do a thing but coast on Obama’s momentum and get all the credit for it. Much the same way that Obama is getting the credit for Bush’s recession.
Clinton should know: he left the country with a strong economy, a balanced budget and a massive surplus, which Bush then destroyed almost immediately.

Romney is continuing his campaign events but renaming them as “Storm Relief Events.” Some people are taken aback by this. To them, I say, “haven’t you been paying attention?”