NSA intimidation expanding surveillance state: Column


You know what is possibly the most interesting tidbit in this article? That the NSA’s secret data collection program began long before 9/11. Folks, this surveillance state has been in the works a lonnnng time. (Also, why didn’t it stop the 9/11 attacks? Oh, the questions.)

Loving pencils


I am a pencil lover. I have pencils all over my desk, both at home and work. People look at me weird when I sharpen them.

Boehner, Cantor, McCain, GOP Declined MLK Event Invitations | Mediaite


How many more shots to the foot can the GOP make? Also, “Scheduling Conflicts?” I think that this date was well and truly set in stone 50 years ago, guys.

The Black Budget: Explore top secret U.S. intelligence funding


Yesterday I saw one of those image memes blaming our national debt on illegal immigrants. Seriously. Well, how about we look at this when we start looking for blame?