VA: All veterans’ benefit payments will be disrupted if a shutdown goes beyond two weeks

Oh, and while the Republicans are all concerned about active duty military and the huge corporations that profit from them, they are not so concerned about the people who have already given so much to serve their country.

Will Members of Congress Get Paid in a Shutdown?

So, how sneaky are the Republicans? Turns out that there is a provision in the Continuing Resolution that would strip Congress of their pay in the event of a shutdown. Yay!, you say? Well, think about it. If the shutdown happens, it will be because that CR didn’t get passed, and since it didn’t get passed, the provision doesn’t come into effect, and they still get paid while everyone else goes without pay. Oh, except the military, because the Republicans need to be able to say they support our troops. And by the way, that includes military contractors. You know, like Halliburton and General Dynamics and American Petroleum Institute and Raytheon and Booz Allen and all those other struggling mom & pop outfits that are living paycheck to paycheck.

Joe. My. God.: One Million Moms Vs CBS

Dear CBS: I am furious at you. Not just because you put real, unadulterated, unfunny drivel on prime time television starring an accomplished actress who has simply sunk to an unimaginable low; but because you have forced me to AGREE WITH THE ONE MILLION MOMS FREAKS.