RT @JedGarren: @RogerJStoneJr You’re going to prison,Traitor. I hope the Trump Cult was worth it. The WHOLE world is laughing at y… https://t.co/wOxd1zgoiW

RT @EmmaKennedy: Alt Righters screaming that Trump was tapped: no, Manafort was tapped. If your boy is incidental collection, that’s still not being tapped.

RT @ananavarro: Ppl of Puerto Rico & USVI are American. Many serve/die for our country. Need to worry, care, help post-Maria, just like if was TX or FL.🇵🇷🇺🇸

RT @ddale8: White supremacist murderer Dylann Roof is trying to get his lawyers fired because they are Jewish and Indian. https://t.co/8Sc6JOaA4S

RT @funder: Anyone stupid enough to think Trump is vindicated because Manafort was wiretapped is also stupid enough to think these people are innocent.

RT @LOLGOP: I can’t believe we’re discussing using violence against political enemies but what else do you call uninsuring tens of millions Americans?

RT @page88: Morning mood: calling a Google Doc MANAFORT and having to rename it MANAFORT4 because 1-3 already exist.