RT @AndyRichter: @MeTV She’s poolside for half the episode and she’s wearing pantyhose under a stylish one piece. Goes off the high dive wearing them

RT @AndyRichter: I love @MeTV I’m watching Wonder Woman. She is under cover at a spa resort in AZ & they made Lynda Carter wear pantyhose w her bathing suit

RT @NickKristof: If Trump announced that he was returning Alaska to Russia, some obsequious Fox news anchors would praise his deal-making skills.

RT @Endoracrat: @JeFiggins1987 @diggler4life @jeffreysherlock @Rosie @accidntlmystic @adirado29 SWEET MOTHER OF BURING CROSSES Rig… https://t.co/uQTnI0e590

RT @mattyglesias: Look, just because Sessions hasn’t actually been convicted of a crime is no reason we can’t start seizing his property now.

RT @PreetBharara: No, idiot. How many times do I have to say this? I am not working for Special Counsel Mueller. Can someone explain… https://t.co/QnEDLud065

RT @jonfavs: I would like to hear even one undecided Republican Senator defend a THIRTEEN THOUSAND DOLLAR DEDUCTIBLE. https://t.co/WIOPZ3hODn

RT @kylegriffin1: Trump has left Trump Nat’l Golf Club at 5:46PM, per pool. He spent 4 hrs, 9 mins there. It was his 41st day at a golf course as president.