RT @nytimes: Baltimore-area renters complain about a neglectful, litigious landlord. Few of them know it’s Jared Kushner. https://t.co/D38N5pCes1

RT @rob_bennett: The Facebook post still hasn’t been corrected. Reminder: FB posts are editable. This is either intentional or they’… https://t.co/oxw8sZOwv7

RT @studentactivism: A photo of Ricky Best. He had three teen sons and a twelve-year-old daughter. He was a Republican, and ran for coun… https://t.co/feJYIaGYCw

RT @Mikel_Jollett: You CANNOT claim to be against terrorism if you go silent when the terrorist is a white man. https://t.co/Z9P95cUNf5

RT @GeorgeTakei: By refusing to reimburse insurers under Obamacare, Trump is artificially forcing premiums up for millions of Americans. This is sabotage.

RT @meganamram: jared kushner is every jewish boy who hasn’t liked me throughout my life, so i have a LOT emotionally riding on him going to prison

RT @WendellPierce: As President Trump says nothing, Two men stabbed to death on Oregon train trying to stop anti-Muslim rant – Reuters https://t.co/hNr27BlXBs

RT @joncoopertweets: 🔥 🔥 🔥 A usually reliable source told me that 2-3 White House staffers are planning to quit and write tell-all books. Expect more bombshells.