RT @maddow: Michigan Gov Rick Snyder creates new “Public Health Advisory Council” to be led by Snyder Admin official under felony indictment for Flint Water catastrophe. https://t.co/Xtyw7ef05R

RT @NPR: Critics are alarmed at the rising fortunes of private prisons, an industry that had fallen out of favor with the previous administration https://t.co/MJu1DPxUxt

RT @StevenTDennis: Settlement: $27K. Paid by you, the taxpayer. Kept secret by a system built by and for Congress. https://t.co/iDzTNNyh9M

RT @EdKrassen: Donald Trump’s Chief Economic Adviser, Gary Cohn says, “Only morons pay the estate tax.” So now the Trump administration is calling us morons for following the law. Perhaps this is because the entire administration loves breaking it.

RT @NPR: Poll: More than half of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer Americans say they have experienced violence, threats or harassment because of their sexuality or gender identity https://t.co/6clOWtKKZE

RT @EdKrassen: “The saddest part of 2016 was learning how many people believe the worst rumors about a woman & ignore the worst facts about a man” -Anonymous