Well, now there is no place safe — I can now blog from my mobile phone… And after typing this out on the phone, I can tell you that it won’t be used too often!

And this entry is blasphemous


After visiting the Carmel Mission yesterday, all the images of the Virgin Mary began to blend into one. I started wondering why every image of her was seemingly white and middle class instead of poor and Lebanese (or the equivalent where Nazareth stood).
Anyway, I suddenly realized who all the icons and statues of Mary reminded me of:


Carmel is a town of art galleries, boutiques, and dogs. And the sign in this window seemed to sum it all up:


On the road again

I’m off to Philly for a few days; for one reason or another having to do with permissions and whatnot, I wasn’t able to get the moblog function working, so I’ll be incommunicado through the weekend.
Will you miss me?