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Beam Me Up: Having a Star Trek Experience

Just some photos of the future from the Star Trek Experience, at the Las Vegas Hilton. Photos weren't allowed in the "Experience" part - but it was quite amazing, being beamed up then wandering the corridors of the USS Enterprise...

The model used in filming "First Contact."

A blast from the past: the device built by Mr. Spock when they were stuck in 1930s Earth with Joan Collins.

The stylish outfit worn by Zephrem Cochrane in "First Contact."

Jonathan Archer's "Enterprise" jumpsuit, and the futuristic plasma display panel from the ship, which turns out to be:

an NEC Multisync LCD monitor with glued on buttons and taped-over logos.

I always knew that Vulcans used Macs. So logical.

That Bones McCoy always kept so slim and trim - to show off those Sansabelt slacks.

If that cork pops, Admiral Kirk will learn first hand the Wrath of Dom Perignon.

Picard's scrapbook - looks like the paper industry is still going strong centuries from now.

Fashions of the future.

Sisko's clock... but what the hell time is it?

Odo - the coolest guy on Deep Space Nine.

Buck Bokai! No matter where you hit the ball, there it is.

What do you suppose Janeway's dog is named?

Do you suppose Kathryn buys off the rack?

There is no way that Spock could fit into this torpedo, with or without his Katra.

And the bride wore red.

Last but certainly not least, Klingon Kleavage! main page