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Three days in Vegas, a wallet full of cash... and the only thing I have left are these pictures.

My suite at the Venetian - 30% smaller than my entire townhouse.

The ceilings of the Venetian are covered with incredible frescoes.

And many of the ceilings - throughout Las Vegas - are painted with faux clouds.

Morning in Paris...

Even the CVS in Vegas is larger than life and covered in lights!

Huh? M&Ms World? Right next door to the Coca Cola attraction. I didn't know there was enough M&Ms memorabilia to fill a large building like this...

New York New York... "the greatest city in the city of Las Vegas."

Luxor - it seems much smaller when you stand next to it.

Dale Chihuly's gorgeous glass sculpture at the Bellagio.

The fountain outside Bellagio was astounding - and after I took this picture, the fountain shot at least 50 feet higher. Incredible!

A QuickTime VR of the Venetian main page