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This is America… now.

This entry comes via BoingBoing: The story of the Monahans, who were caught up in the kneejerk, over-the-top, ineffective security at airports. The ridiculous treatment these people received is again evidence that the ludicrous new security procedures concentrate on making ordinary people feel cowed and do nothing to stop terrorists bent on destruction. I dare you to read this story and not be shocked.

An update, again via BoingBoing:

Mitch Wagner has done some digging into the stories of the guy who got arrested for taking photos in his hometown and the guy who got arrested for protesting the poor treatment of his wife at a security checkpoint. His conclusions? Inconclusive — he can’t substantiate either story, and he can’t pin them as completely false, but he notes that in the latter case, the site that carried the story is prone to posting revisionist nutjob rants:

The site’s top story today defends Trent Lott and calls his ouster a “purge trial.”

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