Just As I Thought

A little Mac moment

What’s with the tendency for television programs to put a Powerbook out there as a prop, then clumsily cover up the Apple logo on the back? Are we stupid? We don’t know it’s a Powerbook? C’mon, they choose them as props because they are stylish and recognizable. Just leave the Apple on it.
And a nitpick here about tonight’s Friends: Chandler checks his e-mail on Ross’s Powerbook (with the badly covered-up Apple logo), and when he opens an e-mail with a virus, it completely wipes the hard drive, in about 1 second.
‘Fraid that doesn’t happen on a Mac, folks. They just don’t write viruses for the Mac, and even if they did, it’s doubtful that they could wreak such havoc. The Mac OS is just not so vulnerable.

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