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Democrats could use some training from Republicans

The right-wing has for years been so totally and incredibly filled with hatred for Bill Clinton that they eventually impeached him for lying about an affair. It’s horrifying how they used any means necessary to bring down their arch enemy. Even so, their case was not proven and they simply wasted huge amounts of time and money pursuing their vendetta. Heck, they’re still trying to run against him, and he’s been out of office for years.
So, why aren’t Democrats using the same dirty tactics? They have far more reason than the Republicans did. Clinton lied about getting oral sex from a pudgy intern. He was a low-class Arkansas bubba. Hardly a threat to the peace and stability of the country.
Bush, it’s just been admitted by the White House, deliberately lied to the American people as a pretext for going to war – an action that is still costing American lives in Iraq. His claim to the office is clearly questionable. His ties to big business are irrefutable, and his appointments to cabinet level positions are astounding for their “fox guarding the henhouse” qualities. His penchant for secrecy is making a mockery of this accountability to the American people. His economic decisions portray a man with no common sense. If you were spending $4 BILLION each month on a continuing guerilla war in Iraq and $900 million in Afghanistan (just where is Osama, anyway?), would you cut the taxes on the richest people in the country and shift the burden downward to those who can’t afford it? Despite the Republican tenets, he has made the Presidency more akin to an emperor or king, without accountability, presiding over an expanded government reaching deeper into our lives and civil liberties than ever before.
Why hasn’t there been a call for his impeachment? Why aren’t there any Democrats with backbones, who can fight the same loud-mouthed fight as the guys on the right? Why aren’t they standing up in Congress and screaming at the top of their lungs? Where the hell are they?
And why is there no real alternative to either of these parties?


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