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Web Link Roundup

Every so often, I take a few moments to clear out my cluttered dock. Here are some of the websites that have been accumulating there this month.

Chilling Effects: this site serves as a clearinghouse for those webmasters and bloggers who have received cease-and-desist letters.

Washington Post Headlines Box: now you can include Post headlines on your home page.

I Despise You and Your So-Called Taste: Plug in your favorite artist or album, and this automated critic will spew forth a classic bad review.

MacMice: produces some nifty new stands for the iSight camera to replace the rather less useful ones provided.

Gaming the Safeway Club Card: From Wired News, the story of a man who is creating the world’s largest shopper – use his Safeway Club Card for all your purchases and screw with their data collection. If, like me, you shop at Giant, check out Rob’s Giant BonusCard Swap Meet.

Bananaslug: a Google application by Steve Nelson that appends your search with a random word in order to bring you search results you may have never seen before – a serendipity generator.

Hulk Doll’s Monster Willy: A SHOCKED six-year-old in England discovered that her Incredible Hulk doll had an incredible endowment.

The Beautiful CNN Men: An odd shrine to the male models on CNN.

BBC News “Raw Deal on Printer Ink”: A research study shows that ink cartridges for printers cost more than vintage champagne, and embedded chips prevent you from using all of it.

American Apology Shirt: Going abroad? Wear one of these.

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