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Look over here! Here! Look this way!

Peg me as one of those weirdo conspiracy theorists, if you like. But I’m reserving judgment on whether or not Uday and Qusay are actually dead. Wasn’t it a little convenient that, in the midst of a controversy they couldn’t seem to shake, the White House seems to have changed the subject by confirming their deaths? Then, the bodies were whisked out of Iraq to an undisclosed location?
I seem to remember a little while back that every time the White House suffered a legislative defeat or when there was bad news about to break, suddenly there would be a new terror alert to divert our attention.
Right now, the powers that be desperately need to turn our attention away from their misdeeds and reinvigorate those polls that show less and less support for this continuing war. What better way than to announce that you’ve eliminated the #2 and #3 most wanted in Iraq?

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