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The fight in Texas, round II

The Democrats prevailed again in Austin during the second attempt by the Republicans to carve up the state into bizarre districts designed to create a Republican stronghold in Congress:

A White House-backed power play to grab more Republican congressional seats from Texas has been derailed by Democratic opposition, at least temporarily.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (R) told reporters today that a redistricting plan that is expected to add seven Republican seats in the House did not have the votes to pass in a special session of the Texas Legislature that ends next week.

A similar effort in May led Democratic state legislators to flee to Oklahoma to break a quorum and prevent a vote on it.

Texas has 17 Democrats in Congress and 15 Republicans, but a proposed plan would give the Republicans 22 seats to the Democrats’ 10.

But the battle is not over:

Gov. Rick Perry (R), at the urging of Republican national leaders, called a special session this month to revive redistricting, but Democrats in the state Senate rallied enough support to scuttle it.

They have 11 seats in the 31-member Senate, but needed only that many votes because of a procedural tradition requiring two-thirds of the body to agree to take up a bill.

The current session will end Tuesday, but Perry has threatened to quickly call another special session. Dewhurst has said he may change procedures so that only a simple majority is needed to approve a vote on a bill.

Democrats are threatening to flee the state again if Republicans do not drop the plan.

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  • It’s very interesting to note how the exact same thing happened two years ago Illinois, only it was the Democrats that re-drew the lines with the republicans playing defence (in an eventual loosing battle). Where was the national media for this mess? Looking for another right-winged conspiracy I suppose.

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