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He should have saved his receipts

Another in a long line of foxes nominated to the hen houses in this administration: Bush has nominated to the U.S. Tax Court a man who cheated on his taxes.

Bower submitted income tax returns to the Senate Finance Committee that showed approximately $2,000 in improperly deducted expenses over three years, committee leaders said in a joint statement. The panel requires every nominee it considers to submit their last three tax returns.

The committee found questionable deductions for unreimbursed employee expenses during its initial inspection early this year. Bower prepared amended returns and submitted those to the committee, and the panel found more improper deductions.

Those deductions included entertainment expenses, nondeductible gifts to employees, gifts to elected state officials that exceeded legal limits, and meals with no legitimate business purpose. Bower’s tax returns, which were prepared by an accountant, have not been audited.

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