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  • sorry, had to jump in on this one… i currently live in this tiny town in new mexico, where i attend college… anyhoo, it’s like 10m north of this other tiny town called san antonio (not the alamo one) which is basically an extension of the tiny town i live in. well, grampa (conrad) hilton is from there. which is really hilarious because it’s an absolute s**thole. i wonder if he ever visits? or pays some money back to the destitute people of his home town? haha, maybe we can get some of that money from paris. or, i think we’d even settle for the sex…

  • She is one of the chicks form the FOX show about rich girls going to live on a farm. She is the grandaughter of the guy who started Hilton Hotels, she’ll inherit like $200 mil. Kinda hot, but slutty hot.

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