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Russell Crowe has an amazing publicist

For some reason, Russell Crowe still seems to be a guy that fills column inches on a slow news day — I see news articles about him constantly for no good reason. And when I mention him here on this blog, the hits are amazing… as are the comments from people who seem to think he is some kind of god. Anyway, here’s yet another waste of space article about Russell Crowe. This is an actual news article, believe it or not:

Crowe stumped by Ikea cot

Russell Crowe says he couldn’t get his head around an Ikea cot which he’d bought for his baby son.

The actor spent almost an entire day trying to put the bed together before giving up and asking friends to help, says The Sun.

The star’s wife Danielle, 33, gave birth to 6lb 9oz Charles in Sydney on Monday.

Russell said: “The key thingy was impossible to use. I got frustrated because I just couldn’t put the damn thing together.”

Danielle has decorated the baby’s nursery with an Enid Blyton-themed wall mural. Russell said of the nursery: “It’s either going to scare the s**t out of him or have him entranced.”

I also found an article that tells the story of how Crowe took his new wife out for take-away fried chicken. This is very important journalism, folks.

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