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Mmmm… spam

My friend Jann has decided to change his e-mail address in hopes of stemming the tide of over 500 junk e-mails per day. I don’t think it’ll work.
I took a minute to look in my e-mail box at work to see what kind of spam was coming my way. This morning I had 76 spams waiting for me that hadn’t been filtered by the junk mail system. I decided to check out what HAD been filtered. There were 1,189 messages in that folder, since December 9.
Here are the most amusing subject lines.

  • This is what the Adlt Stars Use

  • FWS:CC:No More lonliness, add 3+ inches r mh

    (if inches were all that were required to combat loneliness, why am I by myself? Sorry, too much information there.)

  • This is strange

    (you betcha)

  • seize the bed

    (Are they selling furniture?)

  • quajtz toothpante opzmpvbtyljocg ph

    (I want to learn more about the tooth pants.)

  • Gene Still waiting for vi*ag*ra to set in? Here's CI*ALI*S 

    (Yeah, I took that pill 6 months ago, and I’m still waiting)

  • Re: this darkness which gxzb iuuijuhqnbkg

    (Sounds like a poet on a bad cell phone)

  • Musclular Aches

    (Spam from Popeye.. I gots me musclules)

  • Gene, Cash is allways nedded

    (yeah, it’s needed for spelling lessons)

  • Be an animal in the bedroom!

    (Any animal? I choose “Okapi”.)

  • christmas came early

    (I received this one on January 16.)

  • Cure hangovers... before they happen

    (Yeah… don’t drink.)

There are thousands more where that came from. Give me your e-mail address, and I’ll add inches to your e-mail list! Multiple mails for men! No doctor visit! Make your in box bigger for the new year! New technology! Scientifically formulated!

On a related note, I keep thinking about turning off the comment function on the blog because I get so many spam comments now. I’m constantly deleting them and banning the IPs, but they keep coming back. What do you think?

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  • Well, I’d hate to see your comments go, though I understand the frustration. I’m using mt-blacklist; it catches more spam than it lets through, its easy with a couple of clicks to add new items and rebuild from each comment email I get, and since it filters on words in the URL string and/or message body, it seems to be more reliable over time than simply banning IPs. Movable Type also has provided some additional stopgap measures to help with comment spam in the recently released 2.66 (see info at http://www.movabletype.org/news/2004_01.shtml#000882 ) and plans to enable comment registration in version 3.0 due out this year.

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