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Need to find something to do? Here’s what’s on my agenda tonight: shopping!
You see, a week or so ago, I took a bunch of clothes over to the local shelter. I asked what sorts of things they could use, and they said, with no hesitation, “hats and gloves.”
I recently sold my Titanium Powerbook to a friend of mine, and she sent me a check this week as a partial payment. I realized that I had already paid off the Powerbook, and decided to follow her teachings and I’ll be spending that check tonight on as many gloves and hats as I can get at Target.
Woo hoo!
I feel like a slightly humanitarian personal shopper.
What are you going to do this weekend for people without homes or heat?

[Update: You know, here it is, January. And there are no gloves or hats to be found at Target, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Burlington Coat Factory. WTF? Any ideas where else I could try?] [Update again: Lands End people are awfully nice. I had $100 to spend, so I got 7 pairs of some nice warm Polartec Aircore gloves. They should be here in a few days, and I’ll run them over to the shelter. I think I may buy some more stuff from Lands End (even if they didn’t send some freebies for the shelter). ]


  • Land’s End.

    Heck, tell them what you’re doing and they’ll probably send a bunch of extras along as well. They’re good people.

    Best wishes and congrats on your good heart!


  • Donna, thanks so much for the suggestion! After hitting all the usual spots, I’ve given up finding gloves and hats on foot — everyone’s selling spring apparel — so I’m gonna call up Lands End tomorrow!

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