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It’s always someone else’s fault

I’m amazed at the stupidity of some people, and their ability to blame it on others.
Watching yesterday’s episode of Airline, I’m struck by all the complaints and threats of lawsuits that come out of the mouth of idiots. A couple examples: a woman brings her mother, newly released from the hospital and on oxygen, for a flight to Las Vegas. The airline quite properly refuses boarding, but rather than worry about her mother’s health, the woman rails against the airline and the doctor who will not allow her to be without oxygen. She points out that the air is full of oxygen, so what’s the problem? The mother insisted that, as an American citizen, she had a right to be on that plane. Well, I haven’t ever seen that in the bill of rights, but hey, we’re in an amending mood lately.
Then, a family who’s luggage has been placed aboard an aircraft, but they miss the flight waiting for a wheelchair. The chair-bound woman has placed her medication (which they insist is keeping her alive) in the checked luggage, bound for New York. Did it ever occur to these people that you should carry such important medication with you, not in checked luggage? As a side note, I thought that airlines were required to remove the checked baggage of anyone not aboard the aircraft?
People no longer seem to have the ability to take responsibility for their own lives or actions, especially when there is a low-paid service employee around to beat on.

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